My name is Fhilippa Mann-Wernsten.

I was born in Sweden in 1986, but my family moved to England when I was 3 years old and I  lived there until 2012 when I moved back to Sweden and Stockholm..


I have always loved drawing and painting ever since I was little. Just put me in the corner with pen and paper and I will be happily drawing for hours.


I am really interested in Japanese art, the traditional work and the very popular manga and anime artwork.

I am also interested of mythology and folklore.

and I have always loved drawing eyes ( the windows of the soul ) and when I saw anime & manga and their different styles I just fell in love with it!

I like all kinds of art & styles and I never liked the idea of just being able to do only one form of art work, so I try to branch out my skills to include all different areas.


After only working with pencils and acrylic paints for a few years, I started using Photoshop to create and to enhance my designs. It has helped me to bring my work to a new level and to bring them more to life.


I would get a lot of my ideas from fantasy movies or songs or even from a phrase. I enjoy to draw girls more then guys because with the female form you can tell a story with them so much easier and in a much more fun way.

I tend to lean more towards the dark fantasy side with my desigsn with skulls and blood, but there is also a humor side to it with some softness as well.

I like to match some of my work with a  Play On Words like " man eater " or " no such thing as a free meal " and have those words reflect in my design.


As for my studies after High School, I went to College in Gloucester Gloscat to study Fashion & Design for 2 years. After that I spent 6 weeks in Florence on a Art Course where we learnt how to better paint landscape and use the  perspective. After Florence I took a year off to build up my portfolio to apply to University.


I was fortune enough to be offered a place straight away already at the interview to Pittville University of Art in Cheltenham.

It was more than 300 people applying to the University but they only accepted 35 so I was very proud!.

I studied Illustration there for 3 years and learnt the history of animation and studied some of the old Art Masters work.

In June 2011, I am proud to say that I graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Arts with Second Class Honors  1st Division.

In Sweden it is equivalent to Art Director.